Upcoming events

07.17.19: w/ absolute fantasy + fjshwjfe + jas000n @ manes emporium of doubt

photo by jamie johnson


07.12.19: w/ taleen kali + elisa faires + absolute fantasy at allstar lanes (los angeles)

07.13.19: summer garden fest - presented by beyond baroque and safe place for youth at beyond baroque (los angeles)

05.24.19 - 05.26.19: Susquatch iv festival (seattle)

05.18.19: ep release show w/ ami dang + suno deko at beyond baroque (los angeles)

04.13.19: Emily Reo record release w/ Foxes in Fiction at junior high (los angeles)

03.31.19: Joshua tree zine fest (Joshua tree)

03.03.19: w/ Molly nilsson + burnt hair at will's pub (orlando)

11.16.18: Tropical Depression Darkwave Festival at American Legion Outpost 111 (tampa)

10.28.18: w/ Bl_ank + temperament + Ootheca + Gutterboy & Skank at manes emporium of doubt (orlando)

8.15.18: w/ grün wasser + bacon grease at the falcon (Orlando)

6.25.18 - 7.10.18: w/ wild anima (Iceland residency)

5.12.18: accidental music festival's marathon amf (orlando)

5.6.18: w/ j.a.s.o.n + maya martinez + jasmine cindy + marcyanne hannemann at anime fun school (orlando)

4.4.18: w/ adrienne ammerman + meg mulhearn + absolute fantasy + last frost + tryap at revolve (Asheville)

4.1.18: w/ Master servos + child of night + burnt hair at stardust coffee & video (orlando)

1.6.18: w/ absolute fantasy + suno deko at will's pub (orlando)

1.5.18: w/ dirt bike + suno deko at curia on the drag (gainesville)

12.8.17: wprk's 65th birthday w/ harsh radish at stardust coffee & video (orlando)

11.12.17: w/ mutual benefit + nm esc at the gallery at avalon island (orlando)

9.23.17: w/ ami dang + wild anima + sunmoonstar at curia on the drag (gainesville)

9.22.17: w/ ami dang + wild anima stardust coffee & video (orlando)

7.28.17: w/ voice hoist + algae guck + mother juno at stardust coffee & video (orlando)

6.14.17: planned parenthood benefit show w/ naga + tiger fawn + phosphene girl at will's pub (orlando)

5.20.17: accidental music festival: marathon amf (orlando)

3.25.17: w/ secret boyfriendi_like_dog_face + mother juno at sandwich bar (orlando)

2.1.17: w/ ryan oslance + mother juno at stardust coffee & video (orlando)

1.21.17: GAZE festival at gallery protocol (gainesville)