Lush Agave is the project of classical vocalist and electronic musician Alisha Erao.

Erao grew up in central florida immersed in choir, dance, and theater. she went on to study classical vocal performance and music technology at the University of Central Florida. Her interest in low-fidelity recordings and early electronic music inspired her first experimentation with vocal samples and composition. During this time, she began teaching voice lessons and quickly fell in love with the field of music education. Her teaching approach focused on utilizing classical techniques to explore other genres, music production, and electronic instruments.

photo by violet tucker

Erao moved to New York City in 2008 and formed the band Alligator Indian with her partner math erao. During this time, Erao focused her attention on vocal experimentation and synthesizers. The electronic pop group released 3 albums with Bleeding Gold Records (San Diego, CA) between 2010 and 2013.

After relocating to Asheville, North Carolina in 2012, Erao co-founded the gallery/event space Apothecary. It was in this environment that Lush Agave emerged from The idea to combine her passion for classical voice and its aesthetics, synthesizers, and vocal sampling. Erao premiered her first piece as Lush Agave at Blue Songs, a thesis performance by the founders of Apothecary. The piece further developed into “Madame”, which reimagines the aria “Un Bel Di Vedremo” from Puccini’s Madame Butterfly.

Lush Agave became Erao’s attempt to bring the vulnerability and intensity of classical vocal genres into the zeitgeist. It is a means of merging her passion of technical practice with electronic and pop music, and to speak of her experience as a woman in music. By sampling melodies, lyrics, or overall sentiments from her favorite arias and art songs, Lush Agave evokes the aura of tragedy, beauty, and passion in the operatic tradition.

Erao continued her studies in classical and experimental voice returning to her home base in orlando for a brief stent, and continued on to los angeles in 2019. she released her debut ep, songs for a moon, with the label never content in may.